Real Meal Express by Clara Olé

For someone who is always on the go, knowing how to budget your time smartly is necessary. Though my daily schedule is routinary, I still make sure that every move is efficient and that I don’t overdo things. 

But when it comes to picking the right ensemble to match my mood every morning down to deciding what to eat for lunch, the dilemma starts. Well for the first part, my mood usually adjusts but.. my mood for food doesn’t. 

Good thing, I heard about Clara Olé’s Real Meal Express through their Facebook page! Apparently, this brand has been working on their campaign on how to easily and conveniently prepare office baons using their products. And no, the recipes here won’t require you to do serious baking. Seriously! 

 Chicken Caldereta, Hickory Ribs, and Potato Salad . I’d say, Chicken Calderata won my heart.
This serving of Potato salad comes with a honey mustard dressing and with a free product!
Oh, bacon bits!Meat lover? You’ll love this tasty Hickory Ribs recipe.
Yes, I’m saving the best for last. I love anything with tomato sauce so this recipe really satisfied my taste buds. 

Gourmet as these may look, these meals are actually easy to prepare! You only need a few minutes of your time in the morning to actually create something delicious! 


Got myself new free Clara Olé products! Plus, there are tons of recipes on their social media pages so whatever it is that you are craving for, there’s an easy way to whip up that dish!


Clara Olé really knows how to make #DelicousMemories! 

Bits and pieces: One day getaway in Baguio

Spontaneous and unplanned. This is how I want to travel this year. And we kicked it off with a random trip up to the mountains of Cordillera. What made us immediately packed our bags was the news that went viral about Baguio where the temperature dropped to the lowest level in January. The idea of getting my hands icy while enjoying a warm cup of cocoa while in my  fall/winter-inspired ensemble flirted with my mind. Yes, a Chionophile lives in me. But even though we knew there was a slim chance that we get a ticket, we still braced ourselves to the Friday / Payday traffic just to get to the Victory Liner terminal in Pasay City. 

Around 5 in the morning, we were on our way to Baguio.

Flowers in full bloom outside SM City Baguio. It’s better if you appreciate it with your eyes but I just couldn’t help to take a snap of this beautiful scene . Flowers in BaguioMuch to our dismay, the temperature went back to normal which is about 23 degrees during noon time and 17 degrees when the sun was down. At least we got to enjoy the cold afternoon breeze while sipping a cup freshly brewed of coffee at the Hill Station.  Hill Station

Just because we we’re curious on what’s all the fuss about the Death by Chocolate at the Hill Station. I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars.    Death by Chocolate by Hill Station

Death by Chocolate by Hill Station

A mixed of rustic, romantic, and whimsical ambience filled the spacious indoor restaurant of The Forest House. The flickering lights outside seemed like it was blending with the stars. The soft clicking of glasses, murmurs of the happy couples beside us, the faint sound of a country song  and the smell of roasted meat were the details I can remember. The Forest HouseThankful for person beside me. 🙂
We had this crunchy and chewy Baguio Bagnet for appetizer. Baguio Bagnet
Baked Pork Spare ribs Baked Pork Spare Ribs

Baguio Street Food


For me, no one can beat Tamtancos’ Ube Jam. 🙂 

Tamtancos Ube Jam

Baguio City Souvenir

Hoping for more spontaneous trips this year! 




Top 10 Things About Me

I rarely give in to challenges. Either I’m too tired to take action or just not that interested. I guess there’s always  an exemption or just maybe I’d like to share a few things about me that most of the people I’m with doesn’t know.. yet. 🙂

So here ya goes… 

1. Two things that scare me: Losing a loved one and tall buildings at night.
2. Three things I love: Fruits, Furry animals, and warm showers.
3. How I feel right now: Hurt and confused. 
4. A confession: I like picking a fight with Dear BF. I don’t know if he knows, but I love it when he pays extra attention to me. 
5. Something I fantasize about: Me being an Assasin. 
6. Something I’m talented at: Honestly, I don’t know. But I can ( easily )  disunite the fingers of  my toes! Ask Arra! 
7. My celebrity crush(es): Robert Downey Jr. and Albert Martinez. I have this thing for older men. lol! 
8. An embarrassing moment: I was so drunk I tried to pee on the floor. I was 18  then! 
9. Three things that annoy me easily: People who walk slow, always come late, and Senior Citizens behaving really bad like we owe them everything. 
10. The reason why I started a blog: I had so many leisure time in my previous job so it’s some sort of experimentation then eventually thought of making blogging a regular thing. 
There you have it! I was thinking of adding more questions, but it might not be safe if I reveal more information about me. Haha! But don’t worry, I have no intentions of making my fantasies come true. 

Rustan’s launches #RustansInspiredLiving

Last August 13, Rustan’s launched their #RustansInpiredLiving  event at their Shangri-La branch. The event was about creating a stylish haven that’s Rustan’s-inspired through its select home accents and decors.  Rustan’s featured 3 vignettes created by their designers. 

First stop: Classic With A Twist. A bedroom for Donnie Tantoco by Tessa Alindogan

Wall arts,  vintage suitcases, antique chest and the gorgeous desk on the right side were the remarkable accents of this bedroom setting. All of this and the mix of dark and light hues makes this a sophisticated sanctuary for the urban gentleman. 
Rustan's Inspired Living 3

Rustan's Inspired Living

Rustan's Inspired Living1

Second stop: A Traveller’s Sanctuary for Mia Borromeo by Ana Rocha. 

I personally loved this set up because this is how I would like my home to look like.  Pieces from all over the world were displayed and the fusion was impressive; not to mention that it was pleasing to the eyes. A well-versed traveler would love to see bits and pieces of the places he went through in this home arrangement. 

Rustan's Inspired Living

Rustan's Inspired Living

Third Stop: Rustic Chic Dining for Bianca King by Marilen Montenegro

Earthy tones, antique designed flatwares and dinnerwares with touches of nature’s elements made this setup the perfect setting for any indoor or outdoor activity. 

Rustan's Inspired Living

Rustan's Inspired Living

Marilen Montenegro and Bianca KingRustan's Inspired Living

Bianca King, Marilen Montenegro, and Bobby Yan. 
Rustan's Inspired Living

From L- R: Ana Rocha, Marilen Montenegro, Tessa Prieto Valdez and Tessa AlindoganRustan's Inspired Living

For the whole month of August, expect more #RustansInspiredLiving tips from Rustan’s by visiting their social media pages. 

Weekend Indulgences at Le Petit Soufflé & Cafe Breton

Since it’s the long weekend and I don’t have anything planned, I just decided to check out restaurants that I’ve been to.  I didn’t eat these all by myself. Dear BF was more than willing to come with me. 🙂

First stop: Cafe Breton.  

Whatever time of the day I woke up, breakfast will always be the first thing I eat.  So I had this plate of scrumptious sandwich first!

Go Fish at Php 225.00 

Smoked Salmon in a bed of scrambled eggs on whole wheat toast topped with fresh cream, capers and fresh onion suvers.  

Cafe Breton Go Fish
Excalibur on the side at Php 235.00

Ham, Emmental cheese, fresh cream and asparagus sauteed with mushrooms and onions. Cafe Breton Excalibur

Le Magnifique at P240.00

Banana, chocolate hazelnut spread, whipped cream and almonds drizzled with chocolate syrup. Cafe Breton La Magnifique
It was a sweet surrender after our meal! 🙂


FOOD: 4/5

PLACE: 4/5


PRICE: 4/5


Next stop: Le Petit Souffle in Century City Mall Makati. 

Before I get you into the details, let me just share how the ambiance look and felt like. It was definitely an Instagram-worthy spot. It was fancy and whimsical with all the pale yellow lights that hang beautifully in this faux hanging plant. I couldn’t take photos of the rest of the restaurant as every table was already taken. Check it out for yourself  in case you’re going to visit Century City Mall soon. 

Le Petit Soufflé Century City Mall

 Le Petit Soufflé Menu

Now let’s talk about what the fuss is all about.

Onion soup at Php 220.00

Caramelized onion soup with bacon topped with gratinated gruyere and emmental Le Petit Soufflé Menu
Pancetta Carbonara at Php 355.00

Fettuccine, egg yolks, aged pancetta with shaved Parmesan and roasted cashews on top. Le Petit Soufflé Menu

 Le Petit Soufflé MenuChicken et tomate Pomodoro at Php 350.00

Fusilli, seared chicken breast, basil and fresh mozzarella topped shaved parmesan.  Le Petit Soufflé Menu
Foie Gras Mac N Cheese‬ at Php 625.00

Macaroni with 3 cheeses (Sharp cheddar, Emmental, and Gruyere) with shimeji, crimini, and Hungarian sausage.  Le Petit Soufflé Menu

The French Toast at Php 295.00

LPS signature brioche French toast served with maple syrup and whipped cream.  Le Petit Soufflé Menu


FOOD: 3/5

PLACE: 4/5


PRICE: 5/5

Helen’s Tip:

Le Petit Soufflé is a great place for some quick bites, gourmet snacks, and chit chat over a cup of coffee. And oh, don’t forget to ask for The French Toast. 

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

A sugary-butter smell wafting through the air welcomed us that morning of May 31. It reminded of this scenario back home when I would go down the stairs from my room and head straight to the freshly-made pancakes every morning; almost 15 years ago. Maybe that’s the reason why I’ve always been a breakfast person. Not that I can eat breakky all day but that kind of person who wouldn’t let herself start the day without having a delightful one. 

Bf snapped me back to the present by asking me what would I have for breakfast. I scanned Rustic Mornings menu thoroughly and after a few minutes came up with a list. Yes, a list. Because I was already starving at that moment. 🙂

Rustic Mornings in Marikina
Rustic Mornings in Marikina
First, we had a serving of Cappuccino and a glass of lemonade. 
Rustic Morning in Marikina
Second, a hearty plate of Tocilog and Crispy Tawilis. You can ask them on how you’d like the eggs to be cooked. 
Rustic Mornings in Marikina
For the dessert, we both agreed to try the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes and Pancakes. ( not it the photo )
Rustic Mornings in Marikina

While I blissfully munched my food, my eyes wandered around. Rustic Mornings is set in a lush green garden, decorated with what seemed like a mixed and matched vintage pieces such as repurposed coloured bottles, potted plants, wood tables, burlap tablecloths and shells that were sewn together that makes a perfect garden curtain. There were blossoming flowers everywhere. Everything was just in place and harmoniously blended with each other. A proof that there is an undeniable beauty in simplicity. I wouldn’t mind coming back as long as I have leisure time.

It might have been packed with people chattering all at the same time but there is this feeling of solitude that you’d instantly feel comfortable upon sitting.  

Rustic Mornings In Marikina


FOOD: 4/5

PLACE: 4/5


PRICE: 5/5

Helen’s Tip:

Try their Frozen Brazo de Mercedes. Rustic Mornings’ signature Pinoy breakfast plates are a must-try. 

A trip to the Carnival with Summering With Rustan’s event

For some people, summer is the best time of the year to strut their most stylish and trendiest outdoor ensembles. Whether it’s a short trip to the beach or an afternoon at the Country Club, there is a perfect outfit for each.

Rustan’s knows that the key to looking your best is through picking the right pieces that suits your personality and taste – no matter where your journey takes you. As a cue that summer is about to start, Rustan’s launched its Summer Campaign: “Summering With Rustan’s” last March 24 at the Dolphins Park in Glorietta 4.

Photo from Rustan’s.

Summering With Rustan's Event

With a more playful theme this year, Rustan’s delighted the press, it’s guests and customers with a Carnival-inspired event. The brand has been dropping hints across their social media pages so it was no surprise to me that this is how the show is going to look like.

Summering, as Rustan’s described it means:

Summering with Rustan's

The stage. 

Summering With Rustan's Event

 This way to fun!

Summering With Rustan's Event

Surrounding the venue were booths of Rustan’s’ brands like Havaianas, LeSportsac, Herschel and Candytime. And to add more surprise, everyone can join and win prizes!  

Summering With Rustan's Event

Summering With Rustan's EventSummering With Rustan's Event

On the other side of the venue were array of sweet treats from Icepops, cotton candy from Mister Fluffies, and Ice cream donuts from Krispy Kreme. 

 Summering With Rustan's Event

Summering With Rustan's event

Cocktails from Belvedere. 🙂

Summering With Rustan's Event

Spotted some of Rustan’s celebrity guests too. Ms. Bianca Valero looked so fresh and chic in her ensemble. 

Summering With Rustan's Event

Ms. Iza Calzado knows how to add an omph to her outfit. A clutch in bold color! 

Summering With Rustan's Event

From L – R, the famous Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers: Patricia Prieto, Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co.

Summering With Rustan's Event

Ms. Phoemela Baranda with Marilen Montenegro. 

Summering With Rustan's Event

Everyone was having fun taking photos in this marquee frame. 🙂

Summering With Rustan's Event

Indio was there to give us their best summer Reggae beats.

Summering With Rustan's Event

Few more hours and the stage was lit up with lights and made more alive with with thudding music. The most awaited fashion show was about to start! 

Summering With Rustan's Event

Armed with New-York kick-ass confidence, each models glided in their hottest summer outfits from Rustan’s! Aside from featuring its International brands, Rustan’s also showed their very own Lady Rustan’s and Rustan’s U clothing line. I couldn’t take off my eyes on the stage because all them looked perfect for the season! 

If only I could take home those outfits with me.. for free. just kidding!  After the show, I picked my favorites from every collection. Hey, I might not get the exact items but I can get tons of inspiration. 🙂

Prints on prints from their “Dreaming” summer collection. Brands like jelly bunny, Azura, Belissa, Lilly Pulitzer and Cutter & Buck were featured.  

Summering With Rustan's Event

Summering With Rustan's Event

Men also walked in their best summer looks from Rustan’s Men brands. Items in this collection are from Hackett London, Aerosoles, Ascot Chang and Facconable and more. 

Summering With Rustan's Event


Few more minutes and the Eclectic collection was worn by these models. 

Summering With Rustan's Event

Featured brands in this collection: Longchamp, Mink Pink, Rebecca Minkoff, Vivienne Tam, Rachel by Rachel Roy and more.

Summering With Rustan's Event

Summering With Rustan's Event

The “Sporting” summer collection definitely wowed the younger audience. This popular brand has a wide range of stylish selections so every piece is versatile enough to match anything. Who said you can’t match a graphic sporty tee with a printed bottoms? This look proved me wrong. 

Summering With Rustan's Event

The “Summering” collection consisted of Swimwears for both men, women and young adult. Silky cover ups and more. The flowy cut made this an ideal piece for lounging around your private pool.

Summering With Rustan's Event

The beautiful Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez joined the catwalk too in her maxi dress from Lilly Pulitzer.

Summering With Rustan's event

Before I knew it, the fashion show was over. With all the glamorous brand of clothing anyone would want to have, it was a blissful 30 minutes feast of the eyes.

Dj Carlo Atendido spinned his best summer remixes!

Summering With Rustan's Event

Ms. Joyce Pring and the Indio band.

Summering With Rustan's Event

Aside from having fun time under the sun, there’s more on how you can make the best of out of the season by looking your best.  Rustan’s just showed us how! 🙂