6 Steps to Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel –What does it mean and How should we do it?

The truth is everyone loves to travel. People tend to seek for fun, adventure and discovery but never really thought of the effects of travel to the nature. And if this is left uncontrolled, it will have an adverse impact to our environment.

Relax. Taking a vacation doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment with these 6 Steps to Responsible Travel!

1. Research for your destination

A careful research on your chosen destination is very important to avoid the things that might ruin your trip. It gives you a clue on what to expect when you reach our destination.

A good point to start with is identifying what interests you or places your friends have suggested. Take down notes as you read and summarize places that look interesting.

Now you’re on the first step on how to have a worry free vacation!

Helen’s tipAlways plan ahead and prepare!

2. Recognize rules

This is a very important part of responsible traveling. Whenever people go to different places, they forgot to practice their good manners especially when treating the local people in their destination.

One good example is asking permission to take pictures of people and other places that you think is sacred.

I remember when first visited Boracay, I didn’t know that it is prohibited to smoke a cigarette near the shore. A local tourist guide approached and warned me to avoid paying fines.

What exactly do I mean? Each destination has certain rules and we need to abide.

Helen’s tip: Respect the traditions and culture of the place during your visit.

3. Reduce waste

Did you know that you can still be Eco-friendly even if you’re on a vacation? Think of minimizing the use of natural resources to save the environment.

Helen’s tip: Instead of buying bottled water every day, bring with you a reusable water container to eliminate waste. It makes drinking water more convenient so you don’t have to look for a convenient store whenever you are thirsty.

4. Respect wildlife

We all need to do our part to save our nature. While it is good to collect seashells and other pretty rocks on a beach, let’s try to have a self-control. Do you want to keep a shelf full of lifeless and dusty unvalued souvenirs?

Do not buy products made from endangered species, hardwoods, or ancient artifacts.

Helen’s tip: Kill nothing but time. Take nothing but photos.

5. Report Illegal activities

It is important to be knowledgeable on the things happening around you-most especially when you’re in a foreign place.

Helen’s tip: Know the emergency hotlines of the place where you are staying so you can easily call for a help in case of emergency.

And if you encounter illegal activities that concern the environment, it is best to ask help from the local authorities.

6. Repost and Re tweet

There’s a lot of things yet to learn, and by doing this I hope that I am helping spread the word of responsible traveling.

If there’s one thing that traveling taught me, it is to travel responsible to have a better experience as well. So let us not only create wonderful memories through traveling but of taking care of the environment as well. 🙂



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