A guide to visiting Anguib Beach in Sta Ana Cagayan

Named as the Boracay of the North, The Anguib Beach in Sta Ana Cagayan is now being visited by many tourist in the Philippines. It was featured in one of the largest network in the country and have earned a lot of recommendation. It is on the northeastern part of the Philippines and is famous for its fine white sand and clear blue water.

How to get there:

By bus:  The Florida Bus (Sampaloc, Manila) goes straight to Santa Ana. Daily
By plane: Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific flies to Tuguegarao  Cebu  daily.
From Tuguegarao, a van or minibus can take you to Santa Ana.
By private vehicle: Drive along the North Luzon Expressway and SCTEX then exit at Tarlac/La Paz tollgate. Turn right head straight towards Talavera and drive north of Go the national road, passing several towns in San Jose, Nueva Ecija, Sta Fe, Nueva Vizcaya, and Isabela. When you reach the junction in Santiago City, Isabela, turn left and drive up to the province of Cagayan Valley. Santa Ana follows the town of Gonzaga.

When to go
The summer months of March-June are the best times to go. If traveling by road, schedule your trip so you leave Manila at night and arrive in Santa Ana by morning.

The first two weeks of June are also ideal because the Viray Festival happens on June 8, while fishing enthusiasts will love the game fishing tournaments held yearly.
Check www.pgff.net for schedules

Source: http://pgff.net/xe/How

I have known the Anguib beach before it became popular. Every summer we would arrange a trip to the beach and invite some friends and relatives to come over with us. So if you’re planning to visit the Anguib Beach, here are some important tips that you should know:

1. Accommodation

If you are going to stay overnight in Sta Ana, you will need to find a nearby hotel to stay in. Here’s a list of accredited Resort Hotel Sta Ana Cagayan:

A. ) Country Inn Hotel & Restaurant Sta. Ana, Cagayan

Tel. No. (078) 844-0756     Mobile Number: 0917-7910354/0917-8094236     
Email: countryinnhotel@ymail.com  Contact Person: Mr. Edgardo M. Herrero
B. ) Jotay Resort, Sta. Ana, Cagayan
Tel. No. (078) 372-0560     Mobile Number: 0906 – 4781270     
Email: jotayresort@hotmail.com Web: http://www.jotayresort.com Contact Person: Mr. Trevor Taylor
C. ) FAS Pax Et Bonum, Sta. Ana, Cagayan
Mobile Number: 0929-1665019     
***Hotels near Sta Ana Cagayan:
 Class “A” Resort, Baua Beach Resort Baua Gonzaga, Cagayan
Tel. No. (02) 844-1392     Telefax : (02) 844-5765  Mobile Number: 0917-8993692     
Email: bauabeachresort@gmail.com / graquino52@yahoo.com.ph Web: http://www.bauabeach.com.ph
Contact Person: Mrs. Grace S. Raquino / Sr. Lolita Rodriguez, f.a.s

For other list of Accredited Hotel in Cagayan Valley region, find them here:

 2. Food

I suggest that you bring your own cooked food as there are no fast food restaurants nearby. You may also want to buy fresh seafood  and meat on your way to Sta ana. Drop by Gonzaga or Sta Teresita market.

Helen’s tip: Bring with you enough drinking water, utensils, extra tent, mats or’banig”, beach umbrellas and of course, sun block lotion. 🙂

3. Other necessities:

If you’re lucky, you can rent their Nipa hut /  Kubo for  Php 400.00 for that day. The good thing about this is that you are provided with a seat and a table to prepare your food. But you have to get there early as 5 in the morning before the Nipa hut runs out.

If not, they can offer you a small tent where you can put your stuff. You will rent if for Php 200.00 Unfortunately, Anguib beach only give 1 toilet and 1 bathroom. You will pay Php 5.00 for the toilet and Php 10.00 when you want to take a bath. 🙂


4. Activities:

Island Hopping – There are boats in Anguib Beach and you can pay the bangkero to take you on a tour around the beach. A life jacket will be provided for safety purposes. 🙂

Swimming – Take a swim before the sun rises in the morning. This way you will enjoy the powdery white sand without getting your skin burned.

Banana Boat ride / Jet Skiing – When we went there last year,  a tourist was able to bring his own banana boat and jet ski for everyone to share.

Take a lot of photos – The Anguib Beach has a very nice view during sunset or even sun rise. You can take long walks in the morning and just enjoy the beauty of nature!

There you have it. I will be featuring more places in my hometown that you’ll surely love.  Thanks and hope you find it helpful. 🙂


20 thoughts on “A guide to visiting Anguib Beach in Sta Ana Cagayan

    1. Hi Ariane! Thanks for visiting my blog. We stayed at The Avalon Beach Club in Sta Ana. Their rates were ranging from P2800 ++ to P8000 depending on the type of room. You may want to check out my older posts so you can see their Facebook page for more updated room rates. Enjoy your vacation! :)!


  1. we want for reservation on april 16-18,2014. how we accomodate and get reservation pls call as 844 0058, brillantes salon tuguegarao branch..thnx.


    1. Hi Stepp!

      There are no hotels at the beach front. You may see the list of accredited hotels in my blog posts.

      Approximately 14 – 16 hours by land.

      1 hour via Cebu Pacific or Airphil express and then 3 more hours going to Sta Ana Cagayan.

      Hope this helps! 🙂


  2. The trip was awesome!

    Checked in at Jotay’s. Room was good, 1800/night for their aircon room good for 4 pax.

    Arranged island hopping trip with a local guide referred by Jotay’s, from San Vicente Port to 4 destination (Cape Engaño, Crocodile Island, Punta Verde, Anguib Beach).

    Ganda ng View from Cape Engaño!!!

    Life Vest???? Hmmm 🙂 part of the adventure 🙂

    Left Shell NLex Bulacan around 10pm and arrived Tuguegarao around 7am. Another 2.5hour to Santa Ana.

    Gusto ko bumalik ng Cagayan! A really nice place


  3. Hi there. Nice blog and thank you for answering peoples’ questions. It was really a big help. I’ve been there 2 years ago and will stay overnight this weekend. Solo. Wish me luck. Thanks again.


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