The Ultimate Buffet Fight: DADS Buffet VS Sambokojin Restaurant

If you are like me who loves going to buffet restaurants, you may have visited any of the two. My interest for trying out new food has contributed to going out and trying different cuisines. And after hopping from one restaurant to another, there are 2 stand-outs that have always been in my list whenever my family and friends celebrate important events.

Sambokojin: Grill All You Can + Eat All You Can


Sambokojin is a mix of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino Cuisine Restaurant. Its first branch is located in Eastwood Quezon City. For only Php 659.00 you can have an unlimited buffet experience. A lounge is provided on the ground floor for those who are waiting for their reservations. I admire the politeness of their staff. Upon entering the restaurant, they will welcome and guide you to your table. They are always quick whenever you have special requests or questions.

I first visited Sambokojin in Eastwood City on my 24th birthday. It was unforgettable because I celebrated it with my family and friends. Since they knew that I love grilled food and barbeque parties, they surprised me with a treat in this restaurant. There are a lot of other grill restaurants here in Manila but I definitely prefer Sambokojin more. If there’s one thing I love about Sambokojin, it is the experience of having a semi barbeque party sitting in the comfy chair of a restaurant.

The buffet area is stationed near the stairs, fronting the tables and adjacent to the kitchen. The widest array is the food to be grilled. Altogether, the food is properly arranged with a corresponding menu name. So for a beginner, you won’t be confused.

For the soups, I prefer the seaweed over the sinigang sa miso. It has a mild flavor so it won’t overwhelm your taste buds.

I usually start with a set of Japanese Maki rolls. I pick the ones with a fresh fruit in it like the mango sushi. My top 3 are the; Thunder roll, Alaska beauty roll and California unagi roll.

Followed by these tummy filling maki rolls is a serving of Gyoza, Shrimp Tempura and Chap Chae. I like chap chae because it has the same texture with our famous fried noodle here in the Philippines.

Their premium cut raw meat on the other hand is what I consider the blockbuster, or the sure hit! Fat and juicy premium grilled meat- these for me are the epitome of comfort food. These full flavour marinated beef, pork and chicken meat comes in large plates and immediately set on the grilling pan in our table. There are also 6 different condiments to choose from if you want to add more taste to your meat. For me, all meat best go with the Teriyaki or Sambokojin sauce. I really enjoy the grilling part and then wrap the grilled beef with lettuce with a teaspoon of Sambokojin Sauce. I think it’s one of the healthiest ways to eat meat aside from the seafood and veggies rolled in beef or bacon.

Their vegetable dishes are also a must-try. Kani salad is now one of my favorite salads. In Sambokojin, they put a generous amount of crab sticks to make it more mouth-watering.

And after indulging so much on the main courses, I never missed any of their guilt-free desserts. I usually get the fresh fruits first; watermelon and pineapple is always the mainstay. While the black forest cake is eye catching on the other side, I am more delighted to see the chocolate fountain. This is perfect for the colorful marshmallows and fresh fruits. You can also find a 4 variant of Ice cream in the dessert area.

I love Sambokojin better than any grill restaurants because the food is better; it is always served newly cook, they have a wide variety of meat and seafood and the ambience is perfect for anyone who seek a comfortable, efficient and pleasurable dinning experience.

DADS Restaurant: The Ultimate Buffet Experience


My first buffet experience happened in DADS Buffet in Greenbelt Makati City. I have been reading a lot of positive reviews so I gave it a try to satisfy my curiosity. True to its reviews, DADS restaurant is amazingly impressive.

DADS Ultimate buffet is a combination of Dads Continental fare, Saisaki Japanese specialties and Kamayan’s authentic Filipino Cuisine with over 200 choices. You can experience their ultimate buffet for only Php 695.00 or choose the Kamayan’s authentic Filipino cuisine for Php 415.00 only from Monday to Sunday and Php 655.00 fro the Saisaki bar.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will wonder how spacious the restaurant is. It has this festive ambiance with different decorations to complement the theme. A staff will greet and assist you to your table.

Located in the forepart of the restaurant is the Kamayan authentic Filipino cuisine. It has a wide array of selected pinoy food such as the famous Lechon de Leche, Lechon Kawali, Kare Kare, grilled pusit, Sisig and Binaggoongang Baboy.

We were lucky enough to stay in the middle part of the restaurant and have an easy access to all the cuisines. For appetizers, it best to pick the Buffalo wings or the assorted canapés. I love how the food is presented. Despite the large section for food, they managed to arrange it in an attractive way.

What always caught my attention is the sushi bar. It is where I’ve seen the broadest array of sushi and Japanese Maki rolls! I always end up filling up my whole plate with only Maki rolls because they all look colorful and of course, delectable.

For the salad, I like their idea of “make your own salad”. Its fun and you get to choose the ingredients. I like to put a lot of cucumber, sliced onions, tomatoes, carrots with Thousand Island dressing.

A must-try dish is the DADS Paella. I don’t usually eat rice whenever I go to buffet restaurants but they definitely make good Paella, so I always make sure to get some of it. The rice is not overdone so it’s not soggy or watery. Plus, I love all the seafood toppings!

Almost everything they offer is a must-try. DADS Lengua and Callos are one of its best sellers. Callos is served with thick flavourful sauce. Their lengua is always tender with the creamy mushroom sauce.

The carving station on the other hand, offers newly roasted turkey meat, beef and lamb leg. It’s savory and juicy enough so you won’t need extra condiments for this.

For dessert, they have over 20 recipes so it’s impossible to have a taste of everything. I usually pick the desserts like the Creme Brulee, mango crepe, sansrival, and the chocolate fondue.

DADS Ultimate Buffet is the best place if you are looking for a wide selection of cuisines.  For me, it’s a world class restaurant. They almost offer everything in a very affordable price.

Overall rating


Sambokojin: 5 / 5

DADS Restaurant: 3 / 5

Both restaurant offer great food deals. DADS restaurants have obviously more to offer. So if you’re after the different food choices, go for DADS Ultimate buffet.

Sambokojin on the other hand, offers a unique dining experience which is the grilling part. This is also the reason why I prefer going to this restaurant.


Sambokojin: 4 / 5

DADS Restaurant: 5 / 5

I like Dads Restaurant’s place better than Sambokojin. Since they have more food to offer, they are more organized and I just love the festive ambiance.  I also like the part when their band would serenade you with your choice of song while eating.


Sambokojin: 5 / 5

DADS Restaurant: 4 / 5

In terms of service, both restaurants provide accommodating and approachable waiters.  However, what I observed from these two restaurants is that, Sambokojin provides a waiting lounge for its customers. Plus, they also give free starters and drinks to the customers who are on queue for their reservation.


Sambokojin: 5/ 5

DADS Restaurant: 5 / 5

Both restaurants offer a bang for the buck. For a price ranging from Php 600.00 – Php 700.00,I was able to experience extraordinary Asian cuisines.

My measure of a good restaurant is when I find myself going back over and over again. Clearly, Sambokojin and DADS Ultimate Buffet Restaurants met my expectations. So if we are the same who loves grilled food, go to Sambokojin Restaurant. But if you have an extraordinary appetite for different cuisine, I recommend that you go to DADS Ultimate Buffet.


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