Kabang Meet and Greet at Capitol Commons

I grew up having a soft spot for animals and pets with special needs. I remember feeding a stray cat on the road and wished that I could take it home with me. I was deeply saddened when I learned that my favorite bunny celebrity on Instagram died of heart attack. His name was Rambo. I would spend hours browsing articles on BuzzFeed just to get my daily dose of laughter and inspiration. 

When I watched the story of Kabang, the little heroic dog from Zamboanga City, I wanted to have a pet just like him. He reminded me of our pet who acted like our guardian angel at home. So when I had the chance to meet Kabang in Manila, I immediately checked my schedule to make sure that I am free on that day. And yes, I was. And I met Kabang. To those who don’t know her story yet. Read this.

Kabang was adopted as a stray puppy by Rudy Bunggal. In December 2011, Bunggal’s 9-year-old daughter Dina and a 3-year-old cousin, Princess Diansing, attempted to cross a busy street in the path of a motorcycle. Seeing the danger, Kabang jumped at the motorcycle, knocking it over. According to eyewitnesses, the girls did not see the motorcycle coming and would have been seriously injured if not for Kabang. The motorcycle driver and girls suffered only minor bruises from the accident. Kabang, however, got caught in the front wheel of the motorcycle. “The bones holding her upper snout were crushed, and we could not do anything to save it”, said Bunggal. “We just pulled her off the wheel”. Kabang ran off, but re-emerged at the family home about two weeks later. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabang

Kabang’s a typical dog who loves to play around and gets restless when surrounded by people. But a few minutes after, he welcomed each fan by wagging its tail and letting us give her a soft pat on the back.Kabang Meet and Greet

I left the park with a thought that a dog can really be man’s best friend. They are loyal,  protective, and would willingly give their life for you.  The Meet and Greet event was conducted at Capitol Commons Park and was sponsored by Philippines Airlines, Animal House, Pedigree Philippines and Animal Welfare Coalition.

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