Discovering Hong Kong: Day 2

My head was battling with my pocket when I was doing our itinerary in HK for day 2. I was torn between Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park. I wanted to give each one a try but my budget won’t allow me to. So I gave in. 40 minutes after, I was stepping in to the happiest place on earth. Hello there, Disneyland!Hong Kong Disneyland

Bought tickets at the main entrance for HK$450 each and the land was ours to play with.

This Mickey Mouse-shaped pancake was too cute to ignore. Trust me, pancakes sold in our fast food chain tastes better. Hong Kong Disneyland Pancakes

We wandered around the Fantasy Land before we decided to try the Space Mountain ride at the Tomorrow Land. Yep, I got my folks try it. 🙂

Hi there, Woody! Toy Story Land

I was in this ride. Just kidding! 🙂

Toy Story Land RC

Last stop: Mystique Manor Mystique Manor

This is probably the next best thing I tried at DisneyLand.  My parents liked it too. We liked it so much that we are willing to queue for another 40 minutes just to watch the show one more time.Hong Kong DisneyLand garden

Hong Kong Disneyland Garden 2

Hong Kong Disneyland Garden 3

Hong Kong Disneyland Garden 4

Hong Kong Disneyland Pooh

Hong Kong Disneyland Pooh 2

Hong Kong Mickey Mouse

Hong Kong Disneyland Souvenirs

I knew what my feet were trying to tell me but I just couldn’t let the moment pass. I was literally dragging my legs all the way back to the main entrance. Took a short visit to the stores in the main street before we left DisneyLand.

Whew, it was a long and tiring day. But guess what, I just had one of the best moments of my life. 🙂


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