[outfit post] Cheered-up Emo Kid (or She’s Trolling The Gangster)

Because once in a while, it feels great to make fun of yourself. I didn’t know I’m capable of doing such thing. But hey, I’m surround with the coolest people in the whole wide world! 🙂

Actually, Frankie

With August coming in, the -ber months are fast approaching, so technically the weather’s supposed to be getting slightly cooler and rainier.  Lately, though, Mother Nature’s been having difficulty making up her mind.  To cope, a lot of us at the Virus HQ have been relying on thinner fabrics casual layers to combat the quick shifts in temperature…with some interesting results.


I promise you, we did not plan this.

Helen (our senior Social Media Manager) and I ended up wearing coordinating pop-punk outfits, mixing 90s grunge staples (plaid and baseball/sports tees) with early-00s emo kid classics (skinny jeans, Chuck Taylors/boots).  I just happened to bring Ellie to work today, creating a great set-up for one of those cliché “girl band” Myspace photos…until someone gave Helen a snapback.


Punk emo hip-hop…maybe we’re a crossover band?


On Helen – Plaid Shirt: Stylish Concept Gallery | T-shirt: Daily Grind | Skinny Jeans: Lee | Ankle Boots:…

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