August Adventure: Touching Tagaytay

It’s been months since the girls and I went to unlock another adventure. While everyone else is planning their trip up in the north, we’ve decided to try something down south. Thankfully, Nike was able to book us a room in Alfonso Hotel Tagaytay a day before the long weekend. We didn’t have a hard time finding a tour package since the hotel we stayed at offered us a Taal Tour at a lower price. Each of us paid Php900 inclusive of transfers back and forth, boat ride and guided tour.

So let me cut this short for you.

Travel time from our accommodation is approximately 45 minutes. Our tour guide gave us a short introduction before he let us board the boat. Ride lasted for 30 minutes.

You can actually choose whether you prefer to climb the road ( and I meant walk ) all the way up to the lake or ride a horse. The horse ride is not for free by the way. You’ll have to pay an additional fee of Php 700. Since we’re up for a challenge on that day, the five of us braved the scorching heat of the sun and not minding if our bare skin will get burned. Taal Trek

The first 10 minutes of the trek was okay but when my feet started to climb this uphill road and sweat heavily, I knew that I had to keep up my energy or else I’ll pass out. I’m not kidding. The smell of the horse poop was unbearableTaal Trek

Taal TrekWe tried to squeeze in a 5 minute rest and hydrate ourselves. Taal TrekSee that? Jovel and I are the only one wearing a sneaker! How I wished I brought with me my heavy duty pair of rubber shoes and wore a comfy leggings instead of denim capris. But guess what, I was the only one who brought an umbrella! I may looked weird ( or stupid )  but that was my only weapon I had against the damaging rays of the sun. 😀

So after refreshing ourselves for 15 minutes, we continued our journey. Not knowing what awaits us.

Taal Trek

Taal Trek

Taal TrekWe still had to pass through this rough path yet we already felt like we’ve won a race. Because after this foot-injurious ground is a stunning view that’s camera-worthy no matter what angle you take.

Taal Trek

Taal Lake

Taal Lake TourOh boy, our photos cannot justify the beauty of the Taal Lake. I was silent for a moment to savor the cool breeze up there. It felt great. Invigorating and refreshing. Sorry for unintentionally including my trusty umbrella in most of our photos. Arra and Nike joked about it for a day and I just had to laugh. That’s me being weird around them. 🙂

By the way, I got all the photos from Roch. I swear I took photos but mine don’t looked so great and blog-worthy. 😀

I came up with with this short list of #HelensTip in case you’re looking for some help: 

1. If you’re like me who has allergies to dusts and pollens, bring with you a face mask. You can also buy this from the locals worth Php50. 

2. Hydrate! I know it’s a burden to bring bottled water as this adds weight to your bag but trust me, you wouldn’t want to buy a 90ML mineral water for Php50 unless you’re in a life and death situation. 

3. You can always request for a horse ride to your guide if you’re not feeling well. 

4. Bring umbrella, caps and apply sun protections lotions. Or anything that can help protect your skin from the heat of the sun. 

5. Bring a trusty camera. 

I’m not promising you a hassle-free and easy Taal trek with these tips because I think this is one of the activities that will test your patience, self discipline, endurance and other physical strengths. 

Have questions about this post? Go and comment below. 🙂


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