Our love affair with food continues this September. Work has been so clingy the past few days and since Nike’s birthday is a few days away, we thought of having an advance celebration. 

First stop: SALT Makati. Located along Fermina street corner Enriquez.

SALT Makati

SALT Makati appeals to the mass as it offers affordable steak meals. So if you’re like me who’s always in the lookout for budget-friendly places, this place is highly recommended. 🙂

All it took me was one bite to understand why Nike has been bragging about this. The T-bone steak we ordered was served in big chunk with a cup of rice and potato salad on the side. The meat was well-cooked, tender and bursting with flavor. It was delicious on its own but if you like to add more flavor, ask your server to give a barbeque sauce.

SALT Makati Menu

Here’s the map I grabbed from SALT MAKATI official Facebook page. SALT Makati Map

Second stop: The Lobby at The Manila Peninsula

Dinner wouldn’t be complete without a sweet ending. As part of Nike’s treat, we found ourselves seated on the luxe chairs of The Lobby at The Manila Peninsula eagerly waiting for the real star of the night: Pen Pals! 🙂

Manila Peninsula 19 scoops icecream

Few minutes more then this giant bowl filled with tropical fruits, marshmallows, waffle sticks and 19 premium ice cream in different flavors drizzled with melted chocolate was served in front of us. I couldn’t remember how many times filled my cup or if everyone in our table got a fair share. One thing for sure is that my sweet tooth was very pleased. 🙂

We exchanged a few more jokes before I finally said good night to the birthday celebrant. Happy Birthday Nike! Thank you for adding color and sweetness to our lives. 🙂 


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