Embracing healthy living at the Muni Market Day in Capitol Commons

To embrace a greener lifestyle is a challenge. It means breaking old habits and practices that we thought do not have a negative impact to our environment then adapting new and better ways on how we do our daily activities. It may sound easy but you know what the real challenge is? Convincing yourself that this is how we should live. 

I’m a bit guilty about this issue but the past months I’ve been finding ways on how to live healthier and at the same time saving our resources. I haven’t thought about this in a long time but it seemed like nature made its way to remind me. Again. But hey, it’s not too late to start, right? 😉 

Last October 25 and November 8, Muni PH held it’s #MuniMarketDay V2. 0 in Capitol Commons in hope to raise awareness on mindful living and conscious consumption. It’s a community event promoting health, wellness, social good, and sustainability. 

I’m sure most people have n idea on what and how the event looked like but here’s a list of activities and items that were featured: 

1. Eco-friendly products that has less to no impact to the environment. 
2. Delicious food items that are made from natural and organic ingredients.
3. A list of activities that promotes healthier lifestyle and practices.
4. Forum on Food for Health and Awareness, Farming in the City, and Energy Saving at Home.

Check out the updates on Muni PH official Facebook page here to see the complete details. 

It was a sunny yet breezy Saturday afternoon when I came to the event. I was by myself so it was a great opportunity to get to know other people especially the owners of the shops. 

What caught my attention was the Joost2Boost Kiosk since I’m starting to adapt a healthier diet. Bought the Carrot and Apple concoction as recommended by the seller. 

It has this light and sweet taste that went smoothly through my throat down to my starving belly. 

JOOST Muni Market Day

JOOST Capitol Commons

I went around to see more items and got really curious on Luntian Bag’s items. As a person who’s fond of anything reusable, I knew that the bags they are selling makes a great investment. You can actually order in bulk and have them customize the designs. I might order and have this as a Holiday present for my officemates. Being green doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Luntian Bags proved that you can be stylish and trendy too. 🙂

Luntian Bags

Next stop: Tala Luna. I’ve seen so many photos on Facebook of their indigenous fashion pieces like these statement boots made in Marikina using Yakan, Bontoc, and Buhi textiles. Touch the fabric and you’ll know it was made with such good craftmanship. Not a fan of boots? They sell pretty slip on flats and oxford-inspired shoes as well. 

Tala Luna

Tala Luna

Passed through The Green House Project stall and thought of my mom who used to have these planted all over our house. Choose from their wide range of Air Plants and have it add a refreshing accent into your  homes. 

The Green House Project

The Green House Project

 Aside from eco-friendly products, Muni PH also featured healthier food options like these goodies from Nipa Foods. Took one bite of this biscuit with the cashew butter and it was good! 😉 Muni Market Day in Capitol Commons

Muni Market Day in Capitol Commons

Muni Market Day in Capitol Commons

The Super Food Grocer Muni Market Day


Some learnings:

#MuniMarketDay is a reminder that there are simple and endless ways to live healthier. It’s all in our choices.

  • Choose to buy reusable or recycled items and you’re already saving our natural resources in our own way.              
  • Choose to participate in activities that promotes sustainability in what we eat and you earned a tip on how you can do it on your own.
  • Choose to patronize Philippine-made products and you’re already helping someone make a living.
  • Choose to eat healthier by picking food that are made from all-natural and organic ingredients and you’ll notice the desirable changes in our body; inside and out. 


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