Wishful Wednesday: Wandering in Europe

I day dream a lot. I like creating scenarios in my head because that’s the only way I know I can make things happen in all my conditions. And this time, my mind wandered farther than usual. I caught myself looking at the beautiful destinations I wish to set my eyes to. Thanks to Pinterest for making this possible. 

Instead of imagining myself in the middle of bustling streets of Tokyo, Hong Kong or South Korea, I felt more pleasure in hoping that I could be in this same spot where this photo was taken from. 
It would be so nice lounging around in this spot with a cup of coffee, ( or wine! )  and of course the company of a  loved one to tell stories to. 

Capri Italy

Priceless moment.

I’ve been to many beaches I wonder why I did not take time to do this. 


One more click and it led me to Greece. I then pictured myself having an Al fresco dinner with someone special. Trying out new food will always be in my list of travel must-dos.  Someday, I will not be just imagining this but will be savouring for real a serving of Souvlaki that taste best with Rosé; or popping some delicious Lenten Greek Honey Puffs in my mouth to complete the experience.


Do you day dream to? Where do your dreams take you? 🙂


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