CNY 2015: A trip to Binondo

There’s only one place I can think of to celebrate Chinese New Year. Though Binondo is a bit of journey from where I live, the trip was always worth it; from tasting authentic Chinese cuisines to witnessing traditions plus bringing home goodies from the famous delicacy stores in Ongpin. 

The ambience was already in a festive mood when we arrived. As we wandered around and took photos, people were already flocking in  the streets leading to Lucky Chinatown Mall. 

Chinese New Year in Binondo


Chinese New Year in Binondo

What caught my interest is the Wishing Crane corner. Wishes, hopes and dreams were written in each colorful Origami crane that hang beautifully on the side of the mall.

Cranes are a Chinese symbol of luck and longevity and it is believed to make your dreams come true this Year of the Sheep as long as you have faith.

Wishing Cranes

Wishing Cranes in Binondo

Lots of “lucky” items were sold at the venue and at the end of the street is a life-sized fortune cat and a money tree with sheep figurines.

Chinese New Year in Binondo

Chinese New Year in Binondo

On the other side of the mall were arrays of sidewalk vendors offering delectable Chinese food. The queue was long enough to get you starved before you finally have your order. 

I forgot each of these are called but they surely tasted glorious! 

Chinese New Year in Binondo

Chinese New Year in Binondo

Chinese New Year in Binondo

Chinese New Year in Binondo

Chinese New Year

What completed our our CNY celebration is the trip to Estero in Ongpin. I’ve read positive reviews convinced us to give this a try. 

Estero Food Court is a “karinderya” type of restaurant that offers authentic Chinese cuisines at a very affordable price. It was jam packed so orders were put to a hold for minimum of 1 hour. Here’a tip: Go to LGA. It’s the most recommended. 🙂 

Estero Food Court

Here’s what we ordered:

Stir-fried Spinach with Garlic

Estero Food Court

Garlic Fried Chicken

Estero Food Court

Crispy Shrimp

Estero Food Court


FOOD: 4/5

PLACE: 3/5


PRICE: 5/5

Helen’s Tip:

1. Schedule a visit on weekdays ( if possible ) as the place gets jam packed during weekends and holidays.

2. Ask for their best-sellers. I personally liked the Garlic Fried Chicken. Too bad we weren’t able to try the Fried Garlic Frog legs. 

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