Real Meal Express by Clara Olé

For someone who is always on the go, knowing how to budget your time smartly is necessary. Though my daily schedule is routinary, I still make sure that every move is efficient and that I don’t overdo things. 

But when it comes to picking the right ensemble to match my mood every morning down to deciding what to eat for lunch, the dilemma starts. Well for the first part, my mood usually adjusts but.. my mood for food doesn’t. 

Good thing, I heard about Clara Olé’s Real Meal Express through their Facebook page! Apparently, this brand has been working on their campaign on how to easily and conveniently prepare office baons using their products. And no, the recipes here won’t require you to do serious baking. Seriously! 

 Chicken Caldereta, Hickory Ribs, and Potato Salad . I’d say, Chicken Calderata won my heart.
This serving of Potato salad comes with a honey mustard dressing and with a free product!
Oh, bacon bits!Meat lover? You’ll love this tasty Hickory Ribs recipe.
Yes, I’m saving the best for last. I love anything with tomato sauce so this recipe really satisfied my taste buds. 

Gourmet as these may look, these meals are actually easy to prepare! You only need a few minutes of your time in the morning to actually create something delicious! 


Got myself new free Clara Olé products! Plus, there are tons of recipes on their social media pages so whatever it is that you are craving for, there’s an easy way to whip up that dish!


Clara Olé really knows how to make #DelicousMemories! 


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